Samaggi Games 2020

Samaggi Games

Our annual sport event.

Samaggi Games is open to all Thai students in the UK and hosts more than 1,000 Thai students from around the UK who come to play and support the games.

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Samaggi Fest 2019

Samaggi Fest

The biggest Thai concert in the UK held annually.

Samaggi Festival is our annual music festival, featuring live performances by various Thai artists

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SACC 2020

Samaggi Academic Conference and Careers Fair (SACC)

Academic Events held by Samaggi Samagom

A series of academic events including Samaggi Seminar (Academic Conference), Startup Competition, Abstract Competition and Careers Fair.

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Samaggi CSR event

Samaggi CSR

Samaggi Samagom Charity Trip

Samaggi CSR trip is a voluntary activity held by Samaggi Samagom

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