Guest speaker at the SACC event

What is Samaggi Academic Conference and Careers Fair?

SACC or Samaggi Academic Conference and Careers Fair consists of a series of academic events including Samaggi Seminar (Academic Conference ), Case Competition, Abstract Competition and Careers Fair.

Why we do it?

Our aim is to involve students in all levels of study (undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral studies) and representatives from various companies to exchange and discuss their research, knowledge, and ideas, building a long-lasting academic network. 

Candidate presenting at SACC event
Judges of the SACC event

When is the SACC held?

SACC is normally held on a weekend(Saturday and Sunday) in February. However, this year (2021-2022) due to the COVID19 situation, most events will be hosted online over the span of three weeks. Please visit SACC2022 for the provisional timetable of the event.


Samaggi Seminar( Academic Conference )
Each year Samaggi Seminar is presented under a different theme—ie.Inclusive Innovation in 2021. The aim is to provide students with an opportunity to get a variety of perspectives from academic experts and representatives from various companies.
Startup Competition
This aims to be the platform for Thai students in the UK to express their innovative ideas and to consult with Startup experts to develop them further.
Abstract Competition
It is a competition in which students are encouraged to submit a 300-word abstract based on their research field in different academic disciplines with a chance to share their interests and win a prize.
Careers Fair
It is a wonderful occasion for networking among Thai people abroad as well as an opportunity for participants to make direct contacts with their companies of interest.