Samaggi Fest 2019

What is Samaggi fest?

Samaggi Festival is our annual music festival, featuring live performances by various Thai artists, which is guaranteed to be one of the most popular and most recognised Thai events in the United Kingdom. This event attracts over 2500 people from across the country to enjoy and create unforgettable memories together in this feel-like-home concert. Samaggi Festival serves as a social gathering event to cultivate existing interpersonal relationships and to encourage new ones to form.

Why we do it?

Our main aim is to make Thai people feel like home through performances of Thai artists. More importantly, Samaggi Festival acts as a bridge to connect and reunite people in the United Kingdom.

Samaggi Festival acts as a bridge to connect and reunite people in the United Kingdom.
We know that living and studying far from home can be lonely and stress out. With Thai artists performing here in London, Thai students may feel like home and comforted.
Samaggi Fest 2019
Samaggi Fest 2019

When is Samaggi Fest held?

Samaggi Festival is normally held around late-January to mid-February at O2 Forum Kentish Town. Unfortunately, Samaggi Festival has to be cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the day

On the day, audiences can enjoy live concert by several well-known Thai artists.  Beverages and merchandise are also available to purchase.


List of bands that were there before:

  • MEAN
  • Cocktail
  • MILD
A chance to meet your favorite band or artist
To experience the feeling of togetherness
To reunite with friends who are from different areas in the UK
To create golden memories with your friends