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What is Samaggi Games?

Samaggi Games is our annual sporting event which brings together thousands of Thai students as well as Thai expatriate workers in the UK. It is open to all Thai students in the UK and hosts more than 1,000 Thai students from around the UK who come to play and support the games.

Why we do it?

Connect and Foster
As well as other Samaggi events, Samaggi Games allows Thai students across the UK to meet up and have fun through sports.
Team working
We believe team working is a vital skill to bring success to any task that we try to achieve.
Samaggi Games is a great opportunity for Thai students to exercise and to feel like home being surrounded by other Thai students during their studies.
Samaggi Games 2020
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When is the Samaggi Games held?

Samaggi Games is normally held in either February or March in London each year.

However, since most students are not going back to the UK in the first term of this year (2021), due to the COVID19 situation, Samaggi Games will be held in Bangkok. Please visit Samaggi  Games 2020 in Bangkok for the provisional timetable of the event.

On the day

Samaggi Games is open to all Thai students. Whether you want to compete in the activities or to support your friends as a spectator, we have a place for you. We do not only host sporting activities, but we also partner with Thai restaurants to bring you the “Samaggi Games Food Festival”.

Each year we host several sporting activities, this includes:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Chairball
  • Dodgeball
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Chess
  • E-sports
Various sporting activities are open to suit your style.
Apart from the usual football and basketball, we also have exciting e-sports for enthusiastic gamers.
Meet up
Like other Samaggi events, Samaggi Games allows Thai students across the UK to meet up and socialise.
We partner with several Thai restaurants to bring you delicious and healthy Thai food.