What is an Abstract?

An abstract is an accurate summary of any in-depth analysis of a particular subject that helps readers quickly identify the paper’s purpose. Generally, an abstract is constructed with subheadings: objective, methods, results and conclusions. A well-constructed abstract gives authors the opportunity to attract potential readers and eventually brings about further innovative and interactive discussions.

General Publication Info

  • Abstract contents, editing, and proofreading are the responsibilities of submitting authors. Abstracts will be published as received.
  • The selected abstracts will be further categorised into 4 groups below
  • Applicants will be asked to choose the category of their research in the abstract competition application form.

Pure Science and Medical Science

Engineering and Technology

Social Science and Humanities

Finance and Business

Abstract Submission

Authors wishing to submit their abstracts and present at the SACC 2020 conference, please follow the following directions.

  • Click the button below to navigate to the abstract competition application form.
  • Fill out your abstract details in the form, and submit before the deadline on 6 January 2020.
  • After we have received your information and your abstract, we will send an email notification of abstract acceptance, including your Abstract Number as reference.

Deadline for the abstract submission

No abstract shall be accepted after 6th January 2020.

For more information about Instructions and Guidelines for Oral and E-Poster presentation, please click here.

Oral or Poster Presentation Confirmation

After you signed up for the abstract competition, you will be emailed by 20 January 2020 on the type of the presentation you have been offered, as well as the details on the next steps. Please kindly email to to confirm that you will present at the conference by 27 January, 2020.