Instructions for all presenters

  • All presenters must arrive and register before 08:30 AM in order to have time to double-check that your presentation slides have been uploaded correctly.
  • The presentation must be given in English.
  • The dress codes are smart casual or formal.

Guidelines for Oral presenters

  • There are five finalists in each academic field and the award will go to the winner and two runners-up
  • Each oral presentation session will be held in four different rooms based on each academic field and will last for 75 minutes. Each finalist from each field will be given 15 minutes in total (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A). It is critical to limit your presentation to 15 minutes to keep the program on time. Session chairs will indicate when your time is up. (An overlength presentation will be penalised)
  • When you are creating your presentation, use standard fonts such as New Times Roman, Arial and Iskoola Pota. These basic fonts are included on the computer that will be in the session room. If you use a special font for your presentation it may not translate properly on the session room computer. Your presentation must be in .pdf, .ppt, or ,pptx only.
  • Once you have created your presentation slides, review each screen for order accuracy, errors, and check to make sure the font and colors will be seen by others. Test the presentation on another computer to make sure that the fonts, graphics, and movies are still included in your file.
  • When you are satisfied with your presentation slides, submit it to us via by 10th February 2020 and save it onto a Windows readable USB Flash Drive.
  • Make a backup presentation to take with you to the meeting in the event of incompatibility.
  • Practice your presentation before you come to the meeting. Make sure you stay in your allotted time frame or the presentation.
  • Prepare for any questions that may come from the audience.
  • All of the Academic session rooms will be equipped with a data projector, screen, and a laptop computer. There will also be a technician in each session room to help with any technical issues.
  • The judges will assess on your content, presentation skills, visual media, and the ability to answer the questions.

Guidelines for E-Poster presenters

  • The one-minute pitching aims to allow the presenters to present their work to a panel of judges and other audiences for exactly one minute. This will be followed by the e-poster presentation at your own station with your own laptop in the same room.
  • The e-poster presentation will be a great opportunity for you to present your interest and findings to the audience, as well as to defend your work.
  • There are five e-poster presenters in each field, which make up 20 presenters in total. The award will go to the top five popular votes made by the audience.
  • A slide to be used for one-minute pitching must be submitted in .pdf, .jpeg, .ppt, or .pptx format only. There are no restrictions on the size and designs, but it must be fitted in one page only.
  • The slide for one-minute pitching does not have to be the same as the e-poster at your station. You may use another material to present at your station.
  • The one-minute pitching slide must be submitted to by 10th February 2020.