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Careers Fair

The Careers Fair aims to connect Thai and international companies in Thailand with Thai students and graduates in the United Kingdom. This directly enables participants to ask questions the companies of their interests. Additionally, companies are able to register their interest in the students and arrange on-site interviews on the date. Throughout the event, companies will gain recognition from students studying abroad, which opens doors for new businesses. Companies will also have an opportunity to give a presentation about their firms and raise any topic they may want to discuss, all of which will be followed by a Q&A session.

Interview Application Deadline 15 January 2020.

Key Dates

25 November 2019

Application for Interview Launched

15 January 2020

Application for Interview Closed

16 February 2020

SACC 2020 – Careers Fair

Two ways to attend the abstract competition

I did not make an application, can I still come?

The SACC 2020 Careers Fair is open for all individuals, including those who did not apply for an internship/job through our application form. On the day, you are able to talk to company representatives, listen to company presentations, submit CVs, and also participate in our new mock interview service.

Is sign-up required, or can I just turn up on the day?

Signing up is highly recommended, however if the deadline is passed, companies may grant additional walk-in interviews in some circumstances. This is up to the discretion of individual companies.

How do I make an application?

To make an application, click on the Sign up button above and follow the instructions.

What time does the event start and finish on 16th February?

Registration will start at 8.00 and closing ceremony will take place at 5:30pm. Feel free to come in at any point during the day.

What if I can't make it to the fair but would like to apply anyway?

Most of our companies’ recruitment process requires applicants to go through the interview stage at the SACC 2020 Careers Fair. However if you are unable to attend the careers fair day, please email

Should the participants wear a formal business suit?

We would highly recommend you to wear a formal business suit to your interview. However if you are unable to do so, please wear appropriate business attire (business casual).

Is there anything to prepare for the interviews such as hard copies of my CV; if so how many?

You should bring at least two CVs to your each of your interviews. (Tip: on the interview day you may get more interview slot from other companies so please bring additional copies)

Skype interview tips?

Please try to contact the company before your allocated interview slot to ensure that everything is set up and in order(eg. skype ID)

Could I still apply for other interesting jobs on the day of SACC 2020 Careers Fair?

Yes, you can. We will be providing walk-in interviews subject to availability on the day of SACC 2020 Careers Fair.

Do I have to wait for any response regarding any interview o!ers to be able to participate in the interview during the fair?

Yes you will receive an email from to confirm whether you have progressed to the interview stage. You will also be provided with your allocated interview time.

Information for Companies

If you are a company interested in being represented, please contact