Careers Service

Questions & Answers

Now that the Careers Fair is approaching. Samaggi Careers Service is introducing a Questions & Answers service, to help you get the goal you want from the interview in the Fair. Check it out.

Skype Sessions

[Skype sessions of Careers Service are now concluded. Thank you for your interest.]

Carrying on the success from previous years, this year “Career Services” will aim towards a more personalised style of coaching by providing 1 on 1 session between candidates and experts from top sectors, starting with our 1 on 1 CV review. Limited slots are available until 15 January 2020, with possible additional time slot if demand exceeds supply. These 1 on 1 slots are now available to be book from HERE. After 15 January, more information will be provided towards our 1 on 1 mock interview to prepare every candidate to the best of their ability.

Any questions related to the Careers Service can be directed to