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Startup Competition

This year’s Samaggi Samagom Startup Competition aims to be the platform for Thai students in the UK to express their innovative ideas and consult with Startup experts to develop it further. Not only is this a chance to portray your ideas to others but also a chance for you to work and network with real experts in this fields.

Our theme this year is Lifestyle and Entertainment, “Enhance daily experience through creative platform”, and we can’t wait to see the variety of unique ideas that you guys will come up with. So form yourselves into groups of 2-4, brainstorm and pitch an idea and don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Table of Contents

Key Dates

18 November 2019

Application Launched

3 January 2020

Application Closed

15 January 2020

Finalists Announced

15 January – 15 February 2020

Coaching Period

15 February 2020

Competition Day

Entry Requirements

  • Groups of 2-4 students of any level of education
  • At least one member of your group is of Thai nationality
  • Available on 15 February 2020
  • Working on an interesting idea that is not in the marketplace
  • A product idea that has won any competition cannot be reused in this competition
  • If you are not sure, read more enquiries in FAQs

Step-by-Step Application Process

  • Group a team
  • Innovate new product
  • Brief your product in 200 words
  • Record a 3-minute pitching video in English and upload to YouTube
  • Fill up the application form by 3 January 2020

Judging Criteria -Online Round-

  • 1. Business Description: Details of the venture and what it does. (Clearly explained)
  • 2. Market Analysis: Characteristics of the market and description of its customers.
    • Is there a genuine need for the product or service?
    • How well was the target market defined?
    • What is the size and growth of the market?
    • What is the consumers’ willingness to pay for the product/service?
  • 3. Product or Service Analysis: The specifics of the product or service.
    • Is the description clear?
    • Is the product feasible?
    • How easily it can be duplicated?
    • Is there a presence of potential substitutes for the product?
  • 4. Competition: Identify current and potential competitors.
    • Have the current and potential competitors, competitive response, and analysis of strengths and weaknesses been adequately defined?
  • 5. Marketing Strategy: How sales will be achieved.
    • How realistically defined is the marketing plan?
    • Does the plan adequately address price, product, place, and promotion?
    • Are resources su!iciently allocated for marketing?


Online Coaches

Finalist teams will be assigned to Online Coaches, Founders and Chiefs of renowned startups
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Judge Panel

6 Finalists will be judged and commented by Judging Panel, Entrepreneurs and Heads of prestigious companies and incubators



£1,000 + 4 mobile phones

1st Runner Up


2nd runner up


Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely. We are open to interesting ideas from students of all education levels, from A-level foundation to PhD.

No. You must be in a team of 2-4 students since applying.

You cannot change a team member.

You must be available on the day of the event (15/02/20) unless you can provide a valid reason.

Past winners are able to participate in this competition, however, they are not able to use the product idea that has already won any previous competition before.

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