Mr. Amarit Franssen


Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

Company Name

AppMan Company Limited

Short Biography

Mr. Amarit Franssen (Emile), AppMan’s Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) and one of the company’s co-founders. He is also one of the board members of Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and with a well-known reputation in the Thai Insurtech Industry.

About AppMan

AppMan Company Limited is an Insurtech company which headquarter based in Bangkok, Thailand since 2011. With more than 5 years of being insurance knowhow expertise, we became one of the most trusted and well-known insurer digital partner for life insurance companies in Thailand. Our Core product, AGENTMATE, a seamless end-to-end digital sales tool helps our life insurance partners (agency and bancassurance channels) to conquered more than 60% of the market share in the Year 2018 with a total valued over 11,500 Million USD (TLAA,2018).

As now for Year 2019, AppMan has expanded the operational and customer bases to SEA country members starting with Vietnam (HCMC) and Indonesia (Jakarta). We are proudly and constantly to enhance all of our communities to be international but with a glimpse of local in terms of most suitable solutions for each.

Our AGENTMATE core products includes Customer Need Analysis, E-Quotation, E-Application, Automated Underwriting and Unit Linked Simulator for life insurers. We create synergy with our life insurer partners by implementing AGENTMATE core products with them to reduce days or weeks of selling insurance to 1 hour including online payment and E-policy. We are now expanding our expertise to the non-life insurance market beginning with digital sales tools to help agents close the deal easier and faster through social media without meeting in person.