Samaggi Academic Conference and Careers Fair 2022

Our annual academic conference and careers fair

The Remake of Thailand

This year, Samaggi Academic Conference and Careers Fair (SACC) will be held under the name of ‘The 14th Samaggi Academic Conference and Careers Fair (SACC) 2022: SACC2022’ between the 11th and 26th February 2022 online. This is the first event of its kind to involve students in all levels of study (undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral studies) and representatives from various companies to exchange and discuss their research, knowledge, and ideas, building a long-lasting academic network. Furthermore, this will be the first year to see a mix of in-person and hybrid events to ensure experience of SACC will be provided with the most suitable format and activities.

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This year, SACC2022 will be running online spanning throughout February. It consists of four main events:

  • Samaggi Seminar (11-13 February)
  • Abstract Competition (Final round: 19 February)
  • Case Competition (Final round: 20 February)
  • Careers Fair (26 February)
Abstract Competition
The abstract competition will be moving to the online platform with the easier application, more secure data storage, and better engagement among participants through several applications.
Learn more about Abstract Competition
Case Competition
The first Samaggi Case Competition will introduced in SACC 2022 to provide students with critical life and business skills needed for future success. Applications and workshops will be launched in December.
Learn more about Case Competition
Careers Fair
This year, Samaggi Careers Fair will maintain the real-life atmosphere of the fair by moving to the virtual careers fair platform which will give the attendees the same experience as if they attend the actual fair.
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Samaggi Seminar
All-new version of the Academic Conference that enhance the virtual experience of the online conference and increase engagement between the audience and the famous speakers.
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Highlights of SACC 2022

Abstract Competition
Students are encouraged to submit a 300-word abstract based on their research field in the following academic disciplines:
  1. Mathematics and Physical Science
  2. Biological and Medical Science
  3. Engineering and Technology
  4. Social Science
  5. Finance and Business
  6. Humanities
Case Competition
In order to spread the opportunity to experience in business-oriented cases, this year, we will be hosting “Samaggi Case Competition” that opens up for any audience ranging from those who want to have a glimpse of business case studies, newbies, to the ready-to-compete teams, to learn the foundation of case construction together in the friendly and engaging online environment and battling it out by the end of the workshop series.

Free training workshops for participants will be held throughout December and January

Samaggi Seminar
This year, Academic Conference, in its new name, Samaggi Seminar, will be presented under the theme “The Remake of Thailand” with 5 subthemes
  • To Be Announced

It will be hosted online via Facebook Live and Zoom accompanying with Q&A session and exclusive networking session with the speaker.

Careers Fair
Samaggi Samagom careers fair is a UK oriented event to bridge bonds between students and potential employers – through an interactive virtual platform. An event enabling communication and discussion to flourish; key insight given by the myriad of influential representatives. Market Leaders who open opportunities to students providing invaluable experience and knowledge enriching those who participate.

This year, Careers Fair will be hosted online as a virtual platform and the application will open from the Careers Fair day to the following two weeks.