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Mathematics and Physical Science

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Biological Science and Medical Science

All participants are expected to submit a 300 word abstract. 5 finalists in each field will be selected to make a presentation, while a further 3 shortlisted candidates who did not qualify as finalists will be given the opportunity to give a 1-minute pitch of an e-Poster, which will then be followed by their e-poster presentation on an interactive platform.

Abstracts may be submitted into one of the six academic disciplines (shown on the left). If you are unsure which discipline your submission falls into, please indicate so and we will categorise it for you.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Students of Thai nationality, in any university level (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, etc.). OR have graduated at any level no earlier than 2021.
  • Submissions are welcome regardless of where the participant’s institution is located.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • We accept abstracts from all disciplines with an emphasis on research applications.
  • The competitor must strictly abide by the competition rules. Failure to do so will result in an automatic disqualification from the competition.
  • Please consult the Terms and Conditions, and the Selection Criteria before submitting your abstract.
  • The abstract must be submitted in English. The maximum length of an abstract is 300 words, and should not contain text boxes, comments, or revision notes. Equations and figures may be attached as a pdf with clear descriptions and will be excluded from the 300 word word-limit.
  • Submit your abstract on the Call for Abstracts Page following the steps outlined in the Submission Guideline.
  • If you have any queries, please DM us or send an email to

In the case that you are chosen as a finalist or an e-Poster presenter, please refer to the following guidelines:

Guidelines for Oral Presenters

  • Five finalists in each academic field will be chosen to be Oral Presenters and will have a chance to present their abstract to the judging panel on the competition day.
  • Each oral presentation session will be held in one of six different rooms based on each academic field. Each finalist from each field will be given 25 minutes in total (10 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A). It is critical to limit your presentation and Q&A to 25 minutes to keep the program on time. Session chairs will indicate when your time is up. (An overlength presentation will be penalised).
  • Please submit your presentation slides prior to the competition day and in .pdf, .jpeg, .ppt, or .pptx format only.
  • Once you have created your presentation slides, review each screen for order accuracy, errors, and check to make sure the font and colors will be seen by others. Test the presentation on another computer to make sure that the fonts, graphics, and movies are still included in your file.
  • Practice your presentation before you come to the competition. Make sure you stay in your allotted time frame or the presentation.
  • Prepare for any questions that may come from the audience.
  • The judges will assess you based on the following selection criteria

Guidelines for E-Poster presenters

  • The 1-minute pitch event allows presenters to introduce their work to a panel of judges and other audiences for exactly one minute. The aim is to attract people to inquire further on your research at the online breakout rooms that will be provided.
  • The e-Poster presentation will be a great opportunity for you to present your interest and findings to the audience, as well as to defend your work.
  • There are three e-Poster presenters in each field, which make up 18 presenters in total. The award will go to the top popular votes made by the audience.
  • The slide to be used for one-minute pitching must be submitted in .pdf, .jpeg, .ppt, or .pptx format only. There are no restrictions on the size and designs, but it must be fitted in one page only.

Guidelines for video submission

  • Presentations are to be recorded with Panopto.
  • Instructions for Panopto (Video tutorial can be found here)
      1. Create a free account. 
      2. Choose “Record”.
      3. Choose your presentation when sharing your screen and keep your camera on while presenting.
      4. When finished, the video will be saved to a folder in your account.
      5. Click the download button at the top and the video will be downloaded in .mp4 format.
      6. Videos are to be submitted in .mp4 format.
  • Videos are to be submitted in .mp4 format.
  • Videos that are not produced with this procedure will not be accepted, and in which case, the participant will be expected to make a live presentation during the competition.


Winners for the following prizes will be selected from the pool of finalist presenters from each submission field : 


£150 monetary award and certificate

£50 runner ups

Best Academic Paper Award

Best Presentation Award

Winners for the following prizes will be selected from the pool of
e-Poster presenters:

Best Poster

(People’s choice award)

Best Pitch

(People’s choice award)

Key Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline:

December 12th 2021

Competition Day:

February 19th 2022