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Careers Fair 2020
Careers Fair, SACC 2020

Careers Fair Rationale

The Samaggi Careers Fair aims to provide an online platform to connect Thai  operating companies with Thai students and graduates who have studied in the United Kingdom; it enables participants to interact virtually with those companies. These virtual events include online presentation given by certain companies – the content of which may be decided by the respective organisation – followed by periods of Q&A. Alongside these events, companies are able to arrange virtual interviews, forming a deeper understanding with participants, providing new insights and opportunities.

Brief agenda of the Event

The event will include:

  • Virtual career booths where attendees can explore, talk and present interest to representatives of given companies.

  • Online presentations given by companies from varying sectors, insight into employee work-life and any other topic of interest, followed by an open session for questions.

  • Careers Service: The free consulting service and workshops about job applications, CV checking, careers Q&A by the volunteers.
  • Online job and internship application platform (CV submissions can be handed in on the day of the event and up to two weeks later)

Host: Hexafair

  • Hexafair can be accessed via website and mobile application
  • Inside the booth, the overview of the company will be displayed along with business cards showing contact information e.g. phone no., address, email and social media links such as Facebook.
  • There will be a chat feature provided inside the booth where attendees can ask and receive a response from the particular exhibitor instantly.
  • There is also a “Connect” feature where attendees can easily exchange contact and be able to chat with exhibitors as well as other attendees (very similar to LinkedIn). The system will also come up with some recommendations based on the interest set by the attendees.
  • “My box” feature which records the activities of attendees for example, documents and videos the attendees viewed at a particular booth.
  • By choosing this platform, participants will feel like they are still walking through the careers fair, only that this is a virtual platform. Participants will be able to use cursors to guide themselves around the fair. 

Hexafair user manual

Please check out the user manual for the event below.

Timeline from now to Careers Fair

30th October 2021

  • Careers Service Ep.1: special presentation “How to get the job 101
  • Engaging presentation providing fundamental understanding on job application in general.

November - February 2021

  • Careers Service skills workshops
  • Series of activities leading to the event providing specific skills to improve employability, done as a small group workshop
    • Workshop for online assessment
    • CV
    • workshop
    • Video interview workshop Etc.

20th February 2021

  • Careers Fair, Academic Conference, Career Service
  • Student interview application opened
  • Careers Fair is launched via Hexafair
  • Attendees of the careers fair will have the opportunity to apply for jobs / internships via an online platform or website provided by Samaggi Samagom
  • Samaggi will be responsible for the database of all the registration / applications

6th March 2021

  • Student interview application closed
  • Deadline for applying for jobs / internships
    (Deadline will be based on GMT+7 (e.g. 00:00 (TH) = 18:00 (UK))

10th March 2021

  • Student Applications and CVs forwarded to companies for review
  • Database of applications to be sent confidentially to different companies participating in the Careers Fair.

March - May 2021

  • Companies select candidates and conduct their interviews
  • Companies are responsible for contacting candidates selected for interview directly
  • The latter stages of the recruitment process is processed by the companies themselves can be done on separate platforms (e.g. may interview via Zoom / Line Call / Microsoft Teams

Provisional Schedule

Time (UK / TH) Activity
8.45am – 09.00am / 15.45pm – 16.00pm:  Virtual Careers Fair Open for Login

  • Participants of the careers fair will be sent a link to the HexaFair
  • Participants enter the virtual career fair which is hosted and run by Hexafair (an external source)
09.00am – 09.15am / 16.00pm – 16.15pm: Opening Ceremony

  • Pre recorded / live video of Ambassador of Thailand for the UK welcoming Thai students in the UK
  • Ambassador of Thailand will explain the importance of Samaggi Samagom and the significance of the annual Careers Fair
  • Outline how we have decided to move to an online platform this year due to COVID-19
09.15am – 09.45am / 16.15pm – 16.45pm: Career Booths open for consultation / First Keynote Speaker

  • Career booths will be open for participants to visit and ask questions.
  • Different companies may have different formats of how they welcome the participants (i.e. some may have zoom link for participants to be moved into a separate platform
10.00am – 10.30am / 17.00pm – 17.30pm: Second Keynote Speaker
10.45am – 12.00pm / 17.45pm – 19.00pm: Company Presentation

  • Companies present the background of their company (e.g. what they do, what sector they are in) to advertise themselves and attract people to apply for a position).
  • Companies talk about their company in the context of COVID-19, how they are adapting to the situation and how they may be changing the way they recruit people.
  • Requirements for applicants who are interested in working at their company.
12.00pm – 14.00pm / 19.00pm – 21.00pm: Career Booths operate until end of day