Introduction to Samaggi Case Competition

The Samaggi Case Competition 2021-2022 was born out of the desire to connect students and inspire teams to devise solutions to help the Thai economy recover from the economic and social impacts of Covid-19. Through a carefully designed prompt that emphasises sustainability and future-forward thinking, we give students the chance to collaborate and explore the possibilities of recovery with a particular focus on a particular Thai organisation. This will be the opportunity to meet and discover people with varying interests and ideas, and the chance to network with potential employers. An event to unleash your academic, research, and creative prowess, the Case Competition aims to help us engage more deeply with the world we live in and consider how we can each make an impact on our society.


Theme of the Case

“Preparing organisations to flourish in a post-pandemic future”.

With COVID-19 unleashing its detrimental impact on economies worldwide, its longer-than-expected hold on Thailand has resulted in many consequences that hampered the majority of running businesses. However, crises like these offer their own opportunities: let’s make this New Normal our New Future

Why should you join?

  • Network with peers of different expertise, and with employers and guest speakers 
  • Work with friends and meet new people 
  • Develop your teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, research and presentation skills through guidance from renowned mentors and experts
  • Opportunity to put your knowledge into practice
  • Be part of the movement towards a more sustainable future


First Place

Second Place


Third Place


People’s Choice Award

Competition & Workshop Timeline

Please see below for our competition & workshop timeline. Please note the deadline and case release extension.


What is this year’s theme about?

  • We will explore the lessons that we have learnt from the pandemic and discover how we can use that to inform how businesses should operate going forward. If this interests you, join us!

Who can register?

  • You must be a Thai national currently studying in the UK as an undergraduate or a postgraduate
  • You should be able to present in-person on 20th February Pitch Day in London and take part in the online sessions throughout the timeline

When does the application close?

  • Participants can sign up from 4th December onwards to 24th December 2021.

When can I start cracking Samaggi’s Case?

  • On 24th December 2021, we will email you the case booklet containing all the prompt details and information to get you started

Do I need a team to join?

  • You can register as individuals or as a team of 3-5 members. If you register as an individual, we will assign you to a team.

Will the case be specific to a company?

  • Yes, the prompt will be focused on solutions for a retail company based in Thailand – this is our main sponsor. This will be revealed after applications close on the 18th of December. 

Do I need any previous experience?

  • Students of ALL experience levels are welcome! It is beginner-friendly too, with online workshops introducing you on how to crack the case along with improvement sessions with experts who will help you throughout the competition. So even if you are new to solving business cases, we will ensure you get the support needed.

How many teams will be in the final round?

  • 6 finalist teams will be chosen for Pitch Day in London on the 20th February 2022. 

Who can contact for queries on Case Competition?

Feel free to DM us on Instagram, Facebook or send us an email at or director.casecompetition@samaggisamagom


If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at these as a guideline: