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What is Samaggi Seminar?

Samaggi Seminar, or as previously known as the Samaggi Samagom Academic Conference, is an academic forum where established speakers share their insights through talks and exchange ideas with one another on the panel. The event is a key part of the Samaggi Academic Conference and Career Fairs (SACC).

In the upcoming Samaggi Seminar 2021, our 13th consecutive year organising the event, it remains our aim to spark interest and promote engagement in a variety of academic subjects by providing diverse and exciting activities. We will be streaming talks, followed by live Q&A sessions with our speakers, as well as featuring a topical panel discussion – all delivered to your doorstep through an online platform. This means that you can access our quality content from anywhere on the planet! Furthermore, a small group discussion session will be held with each speaker, exclusively available to members of Samaggi Samagom.

Samaggi Seminar 2021 will be held on 5th – 7th February 2021 under the theme “Inclusive Innovation”. Our six engaging talks will be delivered by a keynote speaker and five more distinguished speakers from each of the five different promising fields – Human Capital and the Environment, Information and Technology, Health, Arts and Culture, and Business.

The Theme: Inclusive Innovation

We are passing through an indisputably eventful moment in human history – whether it be the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, or the ongoing economic crisis as a result of travel restrictions. These newfound pressures have led to an increase in inequality and societal divides. Fortunately many of these issues are alleviated with novel innovations, but how do we ensure that our innovations are inclusive and will not leave anyone behind? This theme will spark curiosity and point to how participants can take part in the journey to a better new normal.

Key Activities

  • Speaker talks: Enjoy the 20-minute easy-to-digest talk from each speaker focusing on the “Inclusive Innovation” in their aspects. The talk will be available on Facebook Live and Zoom.
  • Live Q&A: The chance to ask the talk-specific questions to the speaker right after the talk finished via our Zoom platform.
  • Exclusive Networking session: The 1-hour online small group discussions with each speaker are provided exclusively for only 15 audiences per speaker. This session is exclusive for the Samaggi Members (Any Thai students studying in the UK universities) and is Pre-booked only.
  • Panel discussion: The full panel where all the speakers will discuss and explore the future of “Inclusive Innovation” in Thailand.
  • And many more surprises are coming!!

Our speakers

  • Guest Keynote: Mr. Suthichai Yoon
    Senior Journalist, Founder of Kafedam Media Group
  • Keynote: Dr. Somkiat Tangkitvanich
    President of the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)
  • Technology: Mr. Aukrit Unahalekhaka
    Co-Founder & CEO (Thailand) at Ricult
  • Health: Prof. Dr. Krisana Kraisintu
    Chairperson of the Krisana Kraisintu Foundation
  • Business: Ms. Boonyanuch Boonbumrungsub
    Chief Possible Marketing Officer of Food Passion Co., Ltd.
  • Arts and Culture: Mr. Piriya Kulganchanacheewin
    Curator of TEDxBangkok and Co-Founder of Glow Story
  • Urban Environment: Asst. Prof. Dr. Niramon Serisakul
    Director of the Urban Design and Development Center (UddC-CEUS) and Assistant Professor of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University

Provisional Schedule

Time (UK / TH) Activity
วันศุกร์ที่ 5 กุมภาพันธ์ 2564
1.00pm – 1.40pm / 8.00pm – 8.40pm: Urban Environment
Speaker Presentation (20mins)
Live Q&A (15 mins)
1.40pm – 2.20pm / 8.40pm – 9.20pm: Technology
Speaker Presentation (20mins)
Live Q&A (15 mins)
2.20pm – 3.20pm / 9.20pm – 10.20pm: Urban Environment
Exclusive Discussion Session (1 hour)
Exclusive Discussion Session (1 hour)
วันเสาร์ที่ 6 กุมภาพันธ์ 2564
10.00am -10.40am / 5.00pm – 5.40pm: Health
Speaker Presentation (20mins)
Live Q&A (15mins)
10.40am – 11.20am / 5.40pm – 6.20pm: Arts and Culture
Speaker Presentation (20mins)
Live Q&A (15mins)
11.20am – noon / 6.20pm – 7.00pm: Business
Speaker Presentation (20mins)
Live Q&A (15mins)
Noon – 1.00pm / 7.00pm – 8.00pm: Health
Exclusive Discussion Session (1 hour)
Arts and Culture
Exclusive Discussion Session (1 hour)
Exclusive Discussion Session (1 hour)
วันอาทิตย์ที่ 7 กุมภาพันธ์ 2564
10.00am – 11.00am / 5.00pm – 6.00pm: Opening Ceremony (1 hour)
11.00am-11.50am / 5.00pm – 6.50pm: Keynote Speech (30 mins)
Live Q&A (15 mins)
11.50am – 1.10pm / 6.50pm – 8.10pm: Panel Discussion (1 hour)
Panel Q&A (20 mins)
1.10pm – 1.40pm / 8.10pm – 8.40pm: Closing Ceremony (30 mins)

Frequently Asked Questions

Samaggi Seminar 2021 is only an in-part reformation of SACC as it embodies the Academic Conference side. The career fairs, start-up competition and   which will be held separately this year.

All sessions will be online; pre-recorded talks and a live panel discussion will be broadcasted live through Samaggi Samagom Facebook page, Youtube channel and Zoom, while live Q&A, exclusive discussion and a live panel Q&A will only be proceeded through Zoom

The attendance form to watch pre-recorded talk through any platforms is available to fill in, but it is not required. However, if you would like to submit questions during any Q&A sessions or attend exclusive discussion, there is a separate attendance form to fill in and you can access any of the above.

Only Exclusive discussion session that is reserved for Thai students in the UK of any level of education; all participants are eligible for all of the other activities (Pre-recorded talk with live Q&A and a live panel discussion with Q&A)

No, there is no money to be paid! Only a heart full of  passion to learn is more than enough 🙂

There will be recordings of talks with live Q&A and a live panel discussion with Q&A posted on Samaggi Samagom Youtube channel a few days after the event.

In both of the attendance forms, there will be space for you to put down those questions.