Samaggi Games 2020 in Bangkok

Our Annual Sporting Event

Samaggi Games 2020 in Bangkok

As per Samaggi Samagom’s tradition, the team is organising its annual sporting event, Samaggi Games. Our objective of this event is to connect and foster relationships among Thai students in the United Kingdom of all academic levels and fields of study, through various sport competitions including football, basketball and chairball.

Safety procedure regarding the COVID-19

This procedure aims to ensure that the event runs safely (be COVID-secure) and manage the risk associated with running the event during this period. It includes practical measures such as:

  • Wearing masks when not competing and putting in place social distancing where possible and appropriate
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at designated locations throughout the event area
  • Antibacterial Soap will be provided at each hand washing facility
  • Temperature check will also take place before entering the venue
Samaggi staff at Samaggi games

Date & Venue

December 16th, 2020

9.00AM to 15.00 PM

All competitions are held in Bangkok at 

B PRO ONNUT, Onnut 17 Alley, Suan Luang, Bangkok

B Pro Onnut direction


Samaggi Games 2020 in Bangkok

The entry tickets for Samaggi Games are


400 Baht per person


150 Baht per person

Your university’s Thai Society may pre-purchase the tickets for you. Simply let them know that you are coming or would like to compete in any sports.

Find out more

To learn more about the arrival instruction, competition rules, transportation to the venue, points system, detailed schedules, etc. Please have a look at our “Samaggi Games in Bangkok 2020 Booklet”.

Online Registration

(For university’s Thai society representatives only)

If you are the representative authorised by your university’s Thai society to register athletes and attendees to Samaggi Games 2020 in Bangkok. Please follow the instruction in the registration form below.


The form will take you through the ordering and payment process for the tickets and will also allow you to nominate the points of contact of your society. Please complete this form only once per society.

Registration Deadline: 18th October 2020 12pm local time (GMT +7).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, only if they are 2020 graduated alumni.

All athletes—both UK students and alumni—must have their Student ID or any other student verification form with them to be checked before the start of each competition.

Paramedics are available throughout the day. Contact any staff on site immediately if any accidents arise.

Any further questions or clarification please do not hesitate to contact Oam (LINE ID: oamkanchanit or call: 0994291521).