As per Samaggi Samagom’s tradition, in 2020, it is organising its annual athletic event, Samaggi Games. Our objective of this event is to connect and foster relationships among Thai students in the United Kingdom of all academic levels and subjects of study, through various sport competitions, from the usual football and basketball, to the recently added and exciting e-sports, e.g., Defense of the Ancients.

He-ha game, Samaggi Games 2019
He-ha game, Samaggi Games 2019

Date & Venue

March 7th, 2020

8.00 AM to 7.00 PM

All competitions are held in London at
Sportdocks, University of East London and Powerleague Newham

A football match from Samaggi Games 2019
A football match from Samaggi Games 2019

Powerleague Newham

Powerleague Newham
Norwegian Playing Fields, Jenkins Ln, Barking IG11 0AD
  • Football Only
A basketball match from Samaggi Games 2019
A basketball match from Samaggi Games 2019


Sportdocks, University of East London
University Way, London, E16 2RD
  • Indoor Arena 1: Basketball
  • Indoor Arena 2: Badminton, Chairball
  • Vinyl Room 1st Floor: Table Tennis, Chess
  • Outdoor 3G Pitch: Hey-Ha games, Dodgeball

Samaggi Games Food Festival 2020

In Samaggi Games 2020, Samaggi Samagom partners with Thai 101 Kitchen, Mae Prapien, Natchawan, and Rabieng to bring you the “Samaggi Games Food Festival 2020”

Catering menu of Samaggi Games 2020
Catering menu of Samaggi Games 2020

Food purchases in the festival will require the food coupons, which can be purchased on-site by cash or card, or pre-purchased when your university’s Thai society register for Samaggi Games.


The ticket of Samaggi Games 2020 is £7 per person. It is released through 2 channels:


Your university’s Thai Society may pre-purchased the tickets for you. Simply let them know that you are coming.

If you compete in any sports, you will need to pre-purchase the ticket. Your Thai society may pre-purchase the ticket for you on your behalf.


Alternatively, if you will only be a spectator, you may purchase the tickets up-front at the venue, by cash, card, or bank transfer.

Find out more

To learn more about the arrival instruction, competition rules, transportation between venues, catering, points system, detailed schedules, etc. Please have a look at our “Samaggi Games 2020 Booklet”.

This document requires a PDF reader.

Online Registration

(for universitiy Thai societies’ representatives only)

If you are the representative authorised by your university’s Thai society to register the athletes and attendees to Samaggi Games 2020. Please follow the instruction in the registration form below.

The form will take you through the ordering and payment process for the tickets, food coupons, and the football deposit, and will also allow you to nominate the points of contact of your society. Please complete this form only once per society.

*** The registration has been closed ***

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can foreigners join Samaggi Games as one of the athletes?
    No. All athletes are required to have a proof of their Thai nationality ready for inspection at Samaggi Games.
    Having said that, foreigners are always welcome to join Samaggi Games as a spectator.
  2. Can non-students join Samaggi Games as one of the athletes?
    No. All athletes must be a Thai student currently studying in the UK, graduated or employed people are not allowed.
  3. Why is there a football deposit of 100 GBP?
    This rule was created to prevent any aggressive and violent actions during the game. Thai societies may be fined £10 and £25 for each yellow and red card, respectively, where the residual amount from deposit will be refunded at the end of the game.
    Please complies and minimise the risk of above actions for your own members’ health and safety.
  4. What should I do when an accident happens?
    Paramedics are available throughout the day. Contact any staff on site immediately if any accidents arise.

Any further questions or clarification please do not hesitate to contact Look-Pla (LINE ID: lookpla23)