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A day at Hyde Park

Group of birds flying in Hyde park

Phusith Jitjaruek
3rd year Undergraduate student
BSc Biochemistry
Imperial College London

On March 12th, approximately two weeks after all the chaos of both Thai night and coursework had died down, my girlfriend and I decided to take a breather from all that is going on. No university work for a day, no Thai society meetings and no hangovers tomorrow… We quickly came to an agreement that we are going to explore Hyde park for the first time in two years (quite embarrassing to admit since I live a few blocks down the road). So, after a long sleep and a lazy afternoon, we got going at 4 pm.

Upon setting foot in the park, we noticed something; there were no sounds of horns, no hectic crowd to walk through… It was… MAGICAL. We saw happy families walking their dogs, or carrying their babies (I prefer dogs) down the long, endless road. It was peaceful, just the social detox we were looking for. I took my camera out to snap some pictures of the view when I noticed the evening sunray shining through the green leaves, casting almost an autumn feel to the whole park. As we took a stroll deeper into the park, the path was permeated with towering trees, flower barns filled with roses and a flock of birds soaring high above our heads.

Later we arrived at a pond. It was where the birds from earlier were flying to and we soon realized why… A group of people were feeding birds and swans breadcrumbs and snacks causing quite a scene. Luckily, from all the bread crumbs, we were able to get in close proximity to one of the elegant Mute swans in the pond.

As the sun started to set, we knew it was too cold to stay for any longer and we were far too hungry to do any more walking. So, we started to head back and called it a day (mainly because we were hungry). And what better way to end the evening than buying hot, freshly made renowned curly fries from the Union bar (2 portions to be exact) before heading to dinner with our friends.

London is such a historical city to live in. So many places to go and explore. You just have to start looking. So, when we all return to London and when the number of COVID cases (hopefully) dies down, maybe consider visiting Hyde park and getting curly fries instead of getting “lit” at TSQ (it’ll be worth it!).

A kid walking in the park with her mom


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